The Answers with Michael & Tibor

What is Inrepco?

Inrepco LLC is a US-based company that enables, simplifies and promotes industry worldwide.

Why Inrepco?

The hardest step in business is connecting with companies that actually want to work with you. We solved that conundrum. By pairing supply chains with sales channels, we make it easy for industry professionals to do business. This is the power of connection.

How does it work?

Imagine a dating app, but for industry. Our unique AI-driven platform automatically pairs industry’s suppliers and sellers worldwide. And it works! (Read about some of our successes on our Clients page)

Which industries does Inrepco serve?

We are proud to include all markets, segments and sectors on the Inrepco platform. This is important. We know that industry is an interdependent ecosystem. From metal fasteners and plastic clips to integrated circuits and automobiles. From machine parts to complete production lines. From plastic injection to metal fabrication. From fabrics to finished textiles. From FMCGs and furniture to toys and pressurized storage tanks. You get the idea.

  • All markets, all segments, all sectors
  • Finished products to subassemblies and individual parts
  • Multinational enterprises to SMEs and micro businesses
  • From consumer goods and electronics to textiles, transportation, and all other industries
  • Heavy industry to cottage industry

There are more than ten million suppliers worldwide, and many more sellers. That’s who we serve.

Who is a supplier?

At Inrepco, suppliers include:

  • Manufacturers
  • OEM & DTC Factories
  • Assemblers
  • Fabricators
  • Brands & Products

Suppliers range from large multinationals and heavy manufacturers to cutting-edge entrepreneurs and cottage industries. They can be located anywhere, from rural outposts to modern industrial parks. Suppliers may register here to get started.

Who is a seller?

At Inrepco, sellers include:

  • Manufacturers Representatives
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Sales Agents
  • Marketing Firms
  • Importers and Trading Companies
  • Buyers & Procurement Professionals

Sellers range from independent sales reps and local agents to regional midsize and large enterprise organizations. This also includes public, private and government procurement agencies and corporations. Sellers are located everywhere, from remote villages to Tier 1 cities. Sellers click here to sign up.

Is it hard to register?

It's easy to get started. Just three steps:

  1. Determine if you are a supplier or a seller (see above questions)
  2. Complete the registration form for suppliers or for sellers
  3. Benefit as the technology pairs your information with relevant connections

How is Inrepco different and better?

For many reasons. Here are three:

Technology - Inrepco’s AI-driven platform automatically pairs you with relevant industry professionals. Best of all, the technology does the work for you. You won’t waste time searching through thousands of profiles. And since it’s a private platform just for industry, there are no cute puppy videos or other distractions. Social media is nice, but your time is too valuable for anything less.

Global Focus - While other resources favor a specific country or promote a narrow range of products, Inrepco is committed to all industries worldwide. The future of supply chains and sales channels is inclusive, interconnected and global.

Sustainable & Diversified - Inrepco stands at the forefront of the supply chain and sales channel ecosystem. We encourage and support efforts to ensure fair and ethical practices in industry, and are proud to play a role in supporting a better future for suppliers and sellers.

What about trade shows?

We love trade shows, from large industry conventions to boutique exhibits. And we encourage professionals to participate in such events. These are wonderful opportunities to meet colleagues and learn about trends in industry. In fact, don’t be surprised when you meet us at your next trade show.

Most trade shows are only open for a few days. What about the other 51 weeks in the year? And trade show participation can be costly. Expenses include transportation, hotels, and exhibit fees. Inrepco "fills the gap” by promoting industry worldwide with our unique and efficient platform.

Is Inrepco doing anything to help business in developing markets?

Yes. Our Smart Partnership for Economic Development (SPED™) program supports global development organizations, NGOs and trade associations engaged in the economic development arena. Sponsoring select businesses and entrepreneurs levels the playing field for SMEs and micro businesses by giving them equal exposure on the world business stage. Click here to see an introductory presentation.

Why do sellers get a free pass?

It’s true. At Inrepco, we have a special appreciation for sellers. As we see it, without sales, there is no business. That’s why we think sellers are the heroes of industry. This is our way of thanking them.

Suppliers are equally important at Inrepco. From hands-on experience, we know the daily challenges they face, from sourcing and engineering to production, QC/QA, and logistics. In order to accommodate their needs, we offer different service levels, from basic to enterprise. Since we are committed to industry, any suppliers ready to grow their business but who cannot meet our basic registration requirements are invited to contact us or their local economic development agency for assistance.

Are you still reading?

You must have gotten straight A’s in school. We’re proud of you.

Is my information safe on the Inrepco platform?

Yes, for three simple reasons.

First, and most important, the information you provide on your profile is the same information you would share on your own website. It’s only the basic details, such as your company name, how to contact you, what product(s) you supply or sell, etc. We do not collect your private and personal information.

Second, we do not sell or share details from your profile. That’s not our business model.

Third, this is a "private" platform. Registered users cannot search the data. That means suppliers and sellers registered on the Inrepco platform cannot look for specific companies or people. Instead, the AI-driven platform automatically pairs suppliers and sellers based on common business interests. We think it’s better to let the platform do the work for you. And you have better things to do with your time. Don’t you agree?

Who is Inrepco?

The founders, Michael and Tibor, both have extensive manufacturing, marketing and corporate management experience. Each contributes significant international business experience, and both are multilingual. Michael and Tibor share an appreciation for humor and history, and they both enjoy helping friends and colleagues succeed. When you meet them, be sure to ask how they first met. (Hint: in a famous coffee chain)

Can Inrepco recommend a good restaurant in Tokyo?

Yes! The Inrepco team has impressive global business experience, from Asia and Europe to the Americas and Autralasia. What are you in the mood for?

Are you hiring?

Yes! Our team is growing. Sales professionals are invited to click here to complete the Global Representative application. For all others, please send emails to HR@inREPco.com for assistance.

For all other questions, please contact us at info@inREPco.com 

Inrepco Origins

Inrepco's founders share the philosophy that helping businesses succeed worldwide ultimately results in a higher standard of living for everyone.

Our job is our passion and our mission: to promote, simplify, and enable opportunities for industry's supply chains and sales channels, across town and across the globe.

Within our company and across our vast network of suppliers, sellers, and industry professionals, we strive to maintain the highest levels of respect and trust because we know that the most valuable commodity is integrity.

If you share our vision, we'd like to hear from you.

If you are a supplier, seller,

or economic development professional, we invite you to contact us.

Different & Better

  • Technology Driven + Expert Management
  • Commitment to Sustainable & Diverse Industry
  • Inclusive, Interconnected and Global


Enable, simplify and promote industry worldwide. 


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Our passion is our mission (and our job)

We enable, simplify, and promote opportunities

for supply chains and sales channels

across town and across the globe.


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