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Best way to get more sales. Connect with sellers worldwide who want to represent you. 

Costs less than one trade show and works 52 weeks all year.

Just one purchase order can be 10 times more valuable than a basic registration. Are you ready to grow?

Bring sellers to you. No travel headaches or hotel charges. No wasted time. Just business.

This is the most effective use of your marketing budget. The technology does the work for you. This solution is easy, smart and affordable.


Best way to connect with suppliers that want to work with you, across town and across the globe.

The platform connects sellers (like you) with suppliers based on industry. The technology does the work for you. Your time is too valuable for anything less.

No charge for sellers because we think sellers are the heroes in business.

A platform with no distractions. No headhunters, no SEO sales, no politics, and no motivational celebrities. Just business.

Easy to sign up and create your profile.


SPED™ Program

Smart Partnership for Economic Development

SPED™ boosts results for nonprofits, NGOs and trade associations

Unlocks the global arena for SMEs, micro businesses and entrepreneurs

Promotes industry, sustainability and diversity in emerging markets

SPED™ News

We are honored and privileged to be working with Ghana-based

Tekchills Foundation 

Inrepco News
Inrepco is pleased to welcome
members of North American
Association of Sales Engineers 

Without sales, there is no business.

From heavy industry to cottage industry,

at Inrepco we enable, simplify and promote opportunities for supply chains and sales channels across town and across the globe.

Michael H. "Mick" Kaplan, President

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Our passion is our mission (and our job)

We enable, simplify, and promote opportunities

for supply chains and sales channels

across town and across the globe.


We increase sales in more markets, reduce operating costs, and maximize capacities for suppliers like you.

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