Without sales, there is no business

This platform for INDUSTRY automatically pairs suppliers & sellers

Connect to Opportunity


Inrepco was founded to serve the needs of suppliers and their sellers, across town and across the globe.


Our AI-driven platform pairs manufacturers, OEM and DTC factories, assemblers, fabricators, brands and products with the sales channels that want to work with them. This is how suppliers can expand and prosper in established territories and new markets.


And it works! From heavy manufacturing to cottage industries, let Inrepco and the power of connection work for you.

Supplier Service Levels

Industry Standard

Business Growth

Enterprise Premium


Without sales, there is no business. Our AI-driven platform automatically pairs manufacturers reps, distributors, wholesalers, sales agents, marketing firms, importers, trading companies, buyers and procurement professionals with the supply chains that want to work with them. And it works! Inrepco amplifies industry sales worldwide. That’s why our platform is now available for sales professionals in all markets and sectors. Let Inrepco and the power of connection work for you. 

Seller Service Level

Inrepco offers all sellers one service level

Project Opportunity Portfolio

These opportunities are exclusive to Inrepco. We share high potential business proposals as a courtesy. We also evaluate, develop and manage select client projects. Current and past projects include Transportation (opportunity to develop market niche for vehicle safety products), Technology (build a SaaS product to promote global trade) and Real Estate (advised commercial property development project in the US hospitality sector). We specialize in supply chain and sales channel projects worldwide. 


Smart Partnership for Economic Development

Inrepco’s SPED™ program ensures that no supplier is excluded from our platform. Thanks to SPED™, nonprofits, NGOs and trade associations can level the playing field for SMEs, micro businesses and entrepreneurs. We give suppliers large and small equal exposire on the world business stage. This promotes economic development and supports our commitment to sustainable and diverse supply chains and sales channels. 

Our passion is our mission (and our job)

We enable, simplify, and promote opportunities for supply chains and sales channels, across town and across the globe.


We increase sales in more markets, reduce operating costs, and maximize capacities for suppliers like you.


Free registration is now open. Let Inrepco connect you with the world's suppliers. They want to work with you.


We unlock the value of suppliers and sellers from heavy industry to cottage industry across town and across the globe.

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