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Ideas to help you INNOVATE THE ORDINARY.

IN RE Interview Program

IN RE is intended for a targeted audience across industry sectors and segments, from students and aspiring entrepreneurs to industry veterans. All industries and markets are included.


IN RE Interview Program is designed to promote awareness and interest in industry worldwide. It is a forum for sharing in-depth industry insights by today’s leading professionals.

IN RE guests are invited to share their experiences, ideas and views on various topics, from manufacturing and supply chains to global sales and distribution channels. 

IN RE participants include leaders from business, government, and related nonprofit organizations.
Guests are invited to participate at the sole discretion of Inrepco LLC.



A New Paradigm for Supply Chains and Sales Channels.

As supply chains decentralize, manufacturing operations will develop in a variety of regions and developing markets including Central Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America.

Supply Chain Confidential:
Why Is It So Hard To Work With Suppliers?

The unique challenges and most common mistakes made by business professionals engaged in the supply chain transactional universe. 


Innovating The Ordinary

Let’s be clear. This article is not a rant. It’s a gift, with several easy-to-implement ideas to help you INNOVATE THE ORDINARY.



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