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Without sales, there is no business. At Inrepco, our job is to promote, simplify and enable sales, across town and across the globe. And at our core, we are a sales-focused company, developed by and for sales and marketing professionals. That's why our platform is available to all sales professionals, from independent reps and agents to wholesalers, distributors, and enterprise teams. Our tools, programs and resources further simplify and expedite global sales.

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Global Sales Platform

Suppliers with our platform get more sales, in more markets, with a better bottom line. We’re upending SALES for the world’s suppliers, and denting the $7 trillion world of manufacturer sales. Our platform replaces obsolete sales models to maximize capacities, reduce operating costs, and boost sales. We are bringing the world's best suppliers together with the best sellers on a platform designed to enable, simplify, and promote sales.

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Inrepco was founded to serve the needs of suppliers and their sellers, across town and across the globe. For manufacturers, brands, vendors and service providers, we provide the marketing and sales talent, local insight, and resources you need to grow and prosper, in established territories and new markets. Our team contributes senior leadership in global branding and marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, finance, development, and international corporate management.

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Project Opportunity Portfolio

These opportunities are exclusive to Inrepco. We share high potential business proposals as a courtesy. We also evaluate, develop and manage client projects. Current and past projects include Transportation (opportunity to develop market niche for vehicle safety products), Technology (build a SaaS product to promote global trade) and Real Estate (advised commerical property development project in the US hospitality sector.) We specialize in projects across the globe.

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